Haem-O collaborates with veteran hip hop DJ C-Live on new single

New single by Haem-O & C-Live is out now! The single produced by the trusted KnifeBeatz is a story telling record that speaks on two separate individuals in the same predicament, first reference, a young boy that left home to pursue his dreams in the City of Johannesburg as he reminisces on the good times he had with his girlfriend back in the country & how much she believed in him and encouraged him to follow his dreams.

On the second verse he talks about a man that left his family and got swallowed up by the city life. All he managed to accomplish he spent on fast women and bottles in the club. He tried to replace his woman and failed, embarrassment seems to have overcome him as it has gotten hard for him to call home after all the time he has been away and totally ignored his wife and kids.

This is Haem-O speaking on the sacrifices people make for their dreams and the effects of immigration on some families.

Producer KnifeBeatz says he was in a dark place when he put together this beat, working with brighter and more happy sounds was his way of pushing himself to positivity, dragging himself out the dark place he was in. It’s amazing how Haem-O connected with that and both negative and positive emotions were evoked talking “rain and sunshine”.

When C-Live heard this song, he says “it didn’t even play for 20 seconds before saying YES”.

He has commented saying that “working with Haem-O has been a blessing; his energy is just right. It was a no-brainer doing a song with him, especially one that speaks to everyday realities of many black South Africans”.

The new single dropped this past Friday, July 19th, a day before Haem-O’s birthday with a colourful music video shot by Arise Films showing glimpses of what the song touches on. The Cameroonian traditional attires take the visuals to a new level, giving it a fresh look that you wouldn’t have expected from any hip-hop artist.

Thanks to Mckevin Ayaba, Haem-O’s manager, for his contributions on the wardrobe and for the support from his label MAD Productions. The beauty of the African culture is so deep and cannot be matched. It connects perfectly with this African story told by the prolific hip hop artist. Listen here: http://africori.to/ditabatsago

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