Digital Employment Alert platform gives hope to the jobless

GABORONE, BOTSWANA — A digital media employment crusade that was created by one smart local social media commentator, Christopher Bareki as a leisure pursuit, under the #EmploymentAlertBW is now fully registered as a trademark in its quest to assist unemployed youth secure long-term jobs.

Realizing the impact of his brainchild idea, Bareki has partnered with Martox – another local company owned by Arnold Nagafela over an expo dubbed Opportunities Expo (OE) to further expand the initiative into an expansive specification under different scopes. 

The three day event scheduled for 6th – 8th June at Fairgrounds Holdings in Gaborone is expected to address issues of unemployment and lack of access to opportunities targeting youth, women and persons living with disabilities. The expo is further designed draw the attention of key stakeholders and to become the melting pot where young people can engage in the availed abundant opportunities and translating dreams into realities. 

Christopher Bareki

A seasoned Public Relations practitioner, Bareki said #EmploymentAlertBW was initially envisioned as a way of assisting, guiding, as well as availing opportunities by providing and profiling information tips on effective job searches, career advice, Curriculum Vitaes (CV) writing pointers, application letter writing and identifying areas of the economy that are growing. 

“The movement came to realization that hiring managers, recruitment agencies as well as individuals are beginning to veer away from the conventional methods of advertising job vacancies, and they are; instead, turning to social media to locate qualified candidates. Therefore #EmploymentAlertBW will be one easiest resource to be utilized because it will be creating & providing a platform for a wide range of issues but mainly to find jobs to apply for, to network with recruitment agencies, talent acquisition managers, HR personnel at companies that an individual is interested to work for, to seek interactive conversational career and advise tips,” added Bareki.

Quizzed about the vision of his idea, Bareki said his aim is to benefit the transitioning model of recruitment within the digital space as agencies and recruiting agencies can pull out resources from social media for their organizational interest, as well as help them get the necessary needed database for their future benefit. As the mode of faster communication continues to move swiftly to social media platforms, Bareki sees an opportunity due to its effectiveness and convenience which heightens exposure to every individual, brands and organizations. 

“Therefore, #EmploymentAlertBW seeks to provide a space of interaction on information of skills sharing – employee related matters, policies and transferable skills. This will avail some strong streams of allies through liking and retweeting to a larger audience. By utilizing the Hashtag, there has been a wide range of awareness; companies also are on board by adopting the hashtag on their posts. There has been a well-rounded collaboration, invitations to networking opportunists of bridging in the unemployment gap. So there has been a massive transition in how the initiative has changed people’s lives,” said Bareki.

The partnership is an emphasis on opportunity for career and entrepreneurship and contributes significantly towards employment creation through solving challenges faced by graduates, school leavers and organizations seeking human resource. Consequentially, the aim is to seek and inspire the dream of economic diversification through exploring and exploiting existing opportunities. 

“Solving youth unemployment cannot be the responsibility of employers alone: the partnership strategy is focusing on employability and education is responsible; well-timed & can benefit students, communities and young people. Let’s open new opportunities for students to develop employability skills earlier, including, an online employability skills clinic, skills seminars and career showcases platforms”

Bareki is of the view that graduates spend most of their time on theories than practical work something that when they seek employment becomes a hindering factor to their deliveries. “From my observation and interaction; there is a huge gap with lack of knowledge in constructing a proper CV or cover letter more especially for the fresh graduates or less skilled individual. There is lack of fundamental know how to information that I feel needs to be instilled at tertiary.” 

Meanwhile the OE has also placed itself to be the leading event for the practical linking of stakeholders to real time opportunities in Botswana and beyond. In its first year, the event brought together more than 150 exhibitors and attracted an estimated audience of 1, 000. This year, 2019, the event aspires to bring together leading figures and ministries in the country to provide insight into available opportunities for various stakeholders. 

Bareki’s partner, Nagafela through his company Martox specializes in the development of diverse custom solutions to address critical social issues. The OE is perfectly in line with the roadmap that was launched February, 2018 in order to guide the domestication, implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at both national and local levels.

This innovative initiative was greatly influenced by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2063 and the National Vision 2036.

Anorld Nagafela of Martox

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