Gastronomy is the new plug for Botswana’s versatile creatives

GABORONE, BOTSWANA — The coming of age from traditional mass media to new media has truly opened profitable avenues for many young Batswana. Quite enchanting is the evolution of young Batswana who are growing a strong passion towards cooking especially amongst the country’s top photographers and creatives. Known for being passionately creative and showing strong attention to detail in their distinguished artistries, a new dawn has been revived within these creatives and it’s in the kitchen.

Despite their taxing deadlines in pursuit of changing the masses’ thinking capacity, some have now opted to take an ingenious respite in the kitchen where they continue to be magical with their gastronomic skills. This week #BotswanaUnplugged looks at those whose cooking skills have stood the test of time and left their fans and followers asking for more, and pleading they become fully fledged chefs…

FILE:Boingotlo Karabo Seitshiro is confident the world is her oyster and looks set to conquering Durban next week thanks to SAT.

Boingotlo Seitshiro

She’s one of Botswana’s gifted female photographers who has earned her own space locally in a male dominated industry. In her quest to earning her stripes, Boi as she’s affectionately known has been invited to countries such as South Africa where she attended and photographed world stars at the Essence Festival in Durban. Her work is magical as she focuses on maternity, weddings and corporate shoots.

Boi says, ” Disco fries and a beef burger with all the nice things in between. 😭😭 Jesus Christ ❤ how is your Saturday?”

Jerald Malebe

The veteran photographer’s cooking skills are pure bliss at least from the pictures we randomly see on social media. Having been around the world as far as Germany surely he has tasted a lot of diverse dishes in his shoots especially at the local Avani Hotel where he’s the resident photographer. Among his top safari shoots include doing work for international media outlets such as CNN and BBC among others. He has attended almost all Botswana tourism calendar events including the world’s largest tourism trade fair, dubbed ITB Berlin.

Jerald says, “Pork, savoury rice and roasted potatoes. 30 minute meals.#ImNotAChef #cooking101 #Foodie#cookinglessons”

Kabo Olesitse

He describes himself as a Designer by Profession, Photographer by Talent, Chef by Passion, Entrepreneur, and Traveller and there is absolute nothing stopping this talented brother. He is indeed a multi-tasking entrepreneur. Other than being extremely good in the kitchen, Olesitse is also a budding fitness fanatic.

Kabo says, “Lets Eat…”

Fox Lephalo

He is good with his brush and equally to his recipes has developed strong interest in gastronomy. Despite studying E-commerce at tertiary level, passion has driven him elsewhere and he’s actually making a living out of it. Lephalo spent most of his time in Maun where cooking fish is amongst the prerequisite to becoming a good chef in this tourism town of Botswana.

Fox says, “Eggs on egg plant 😊😊”

Drew Chadhall

One thing about our 21st century men is their diversity to choose different careers despite their diverse characters. A busy man like Chadhall will always prefer to grab a quick meal on his way home from work after a long day but rather he prefers to cook at home. He is the brains behind Chillstep Sessions – an inspired arts talent affair which showcases various Botswana crafts and flairs under the same roof.

Drewchadhall says, “We back @ dis | bacon wrapped fish and a shellfish medley on the side, bed of lemon butter baked potatoes 
#PrepdByDrew #EdmandFood#TheGalleryHouse”

Henny Maruapula

The controversial social media expert who is always trending for the wrong reasons cannot be ignored. When Henny is not pushing mileage for various clients and brands in the digital media space brands he spends quality time cooking up a storm in the kitchen. To capitalise on his passion, he started a project dubbed Home Cooked Meals to feed his fans for a fee. If taken professionally, the project might as well become a fully-fledged restaurant. 

Henny says, “Today has been a hectic day. Left home early in the am and just home an hour back. Didnt have anything to eat all day, so decided to make this easy 15mins meal…📸 Fried spicy chicken breast with red onion, cucumber, fresh red & green chilli and tomatoes on a bed of Jasmine rice.”

Joan Richardson

Joan wears many hats! She’s a Yarona FM presenter, Cigar Lounge Events and Hospitality Manager, and Resident MC. She’s extremely hot in the kitchen courtesy of her new brand called ‘Mmabo Chilli’s’ currently available in three flavours and sweeping fans of their feet. Her recipes that she always post seasoned with her products is a must taste and have. She is also a wine connoisseur, so you can be guaranteed that when you visit her, it is surely going to be a food and wine affair.

Joan says, “.. #Lunch: … Grilled Tbone#Steak, Served With A Yellow Pepper, Tomato, Onion & #Feta Salad On a Bed Of Mixed #Lettuce … 🤩🤗😍 …#SimpleYummyMeals #MmaboThings#WhenJoanCooks …”

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