Forum set to look at Investing and Developing an Infrastructure-led Inclusive Wealth for Future Generations

GABORONE, BOTSWANA — : Botswana needs heavy investment in infrastructure and we need it urgently. It is based on this premise that MNCapital Group and African Alternative will host the first-ever Botswana Infrastructure & Asset Owners Forum on the 20th and 21st February 2019. Botswana has financial and non-financial assets to finance its infrastructure development needs.

The challenges of delivering those infrastructures can most likely be attributed to human-related issues. Some might attribute it to the lack of financial structures, however, we beg to differ! Africa and Southern Africa, in particular, is awash with extremely bright practitioners who have come up with unique financial products that have financed and built infrastructure assets across the continent.

Replacement of Food Lovers with a yet stronger tenant, Spar and Tops, meant that the mall continued to be well anchored. All these have ensured that the image of the mall thrives – Bale.

Botswana is 581,740 Sq.km in size and population of 2.2 million people. GDP is approximately USD 18 Billion and GDP per capita is approximately USD 7991. By this standard, Botswana is not a poor country. It is one of the most sophisticated countries in Africa and by these statistics globally.
“The summit convenes public and private sector stakeholders to examine traditional and alternative sources of financing for Botswana’s infrastructure need.  In addition, the asset owner’s forum explores
the role of pension funds and insurers have to play in Botswana’s infrastructure financing ecosystem,” Michael Ndinisa, MNCapital Group CEO.

The summit is the first step towards developing an ecosystem of asset owners, fund managers and investment professionals with an appetite to invest in infrastructure.  It will commence the industry-led
efforts to address the lack of deep in-house experience which prevents trustees and investment committees from safely allowing their investment teams to invest in infrastructure.  At the same leverage of the expertise of professionals and investors across Africa to develop infrastructure
investment products specific to the needs of Botswana.

This forum is ultimately a wake-up call to all stakeholder in the industry to come together for fruitful co-operation for the betterment and economic well-being of the country.

Some speakers and discussion leaders that will be present include:
● Gosego January, Chief Executive Officer/PO – Debswana Pension Fund
● Ahmed Attout, Chief Capital Markets Officer – African Development Bank (AfDB)
● Vuyo Hlompho Ntoi, Investment Director – Head of Southern and Central Africa –  African
Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM)
● Nathaniel Munetsi, Head of Structured Finance – Gauteng Infrastructure Financing Agency
● Bishop Joshua Maponga III, Chief Executive Officer – Farmers of Thought Institute
● CLAIR MATHE-LISENDA, Managing Director, IPRO Botswana
● OUTULE BALE, Chief Executive Officer, Khumo Property Asset Management

Rail Park Mall has successfully maintained its position as Botswana’s favourite destination mall for over five years now – Khumo Properties, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Outule Bale.

● KOPANO BOLOKWE, Head of Product Development, Botswana Stock Exchange
● LESEGO SELOTATE, Managing Director, Musa Capital
● ANTHONY SIWAWA, Founder & MD, Venture Partners Botswana (VPB)
● KGOTSO BOTLHOLE, Managing Partner, Lekorwe Legal Consultants
● TOPIAS MARENGA, Secretary General, Botswana Public Employees Union
● BOITUMELO MOLEFE, CEO, Botswana Public Officers Pensions Fund
● GIULIO BATTAGLIA, Managing Director, Stenham Asset Management
● HELEEN GOUSSARD, Head of Unlisted Investments Services, RisCura
● ASHWIN WEST, Investment Director, African Infrastructure Investment Managers
● KAZUHIRO NUMASAWA, Principal Investment Officer, African Development Bank
● MOATLHODI SEBABOLE, Market Strategist, First National Bank of Botswana

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