From selling muffins to mogul forex impresario – Shezi

GABORONE, BOTSWANA – South Africa’s youngest business magnate and forex trader, Sandile Shezi has confirmed that his company, Rivoltare will next month open an office in Gaborone to spread its wings across the world as a forex trader of note.

Born in Durban’s Umlazi township, Shezi just like any other renowned entrepreneur revealed that he had follow up on the footsteps of established and successful businessmen such as mining magnate, Patrice Motsepe and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg among his role models. 

“From a young age I never believed in making friends but rather business associates. I took risks because that’s what makes a great entrepreneur,” Shezi’s opening remarks echoed at the Saturday seminar held at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) to a resounding applause.

Speaking at the weekend seminar held at the GICC that had attracted over 300 aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, Shezi said when he started selling muffins at his school, he never envisioned the positive outcome that would lead to what he ultimately became. He said realising the positive vibes, he became smarter and grew the business through chain selling. 

“I think my teachers in high school saw my potential even before me. As a muffin seller in school, when in class wherein the teacher saw students I saw customers. I would make R300 daily and that became a problem to my teachers. So when in class my teacher will always say Sendile and your company please leave my class; some students didn’t take it well but for me it made me the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group. From then on, I started engaging other students from other schools to sell on my behalf. By the end of the year, I was R120, 000 profitable and that’s when I realised I was becoming a businessman of repute, at the time I was only 17 years old. I then started getting interests of trading through forex.” 

Furthermore, Shezi told the masses that even though his parents wanted him to continue with tertiary education where he was to study Civil Engineering, unexpectedly they calculated all the monies including his accommodation, taxi fares, tuition fee and groceries annually. 

“Because my parents were happy that 
I have agreed to further my education they put a lump sum of money into my account to pay for everything and this for me was a real blessing. Without a blink, I deposited all the funds into my forex account and started trading. At the end of my semester my parents started to enquire about my marks and results and I gave them excuses but eventually they realised I wasn’t even registered. At the time I moved to the Durban suburbs upon realising the viability of the business. My father who was to retire in 10 years at the time resigned immediately when he saw his son wassa (was a) millionaire. I now own 18 companies and we are now diversifying into an estate business. We are thinking of developing malls across the African continent and that is when all our members will stand a chance to own shares.”

“We came to Botswana after our team’s analysis proved there’s a potential and untapped market here. We have also received several requests from here that’s why we are opening an office here. Registration for our membership is US$250 including free tutorials on how to trade. I’ve shared a bit of how forex works today.” 

Shezi said he will be a constant visitor to Botswana to check on his office and his Batswana employees. 

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