Matebeleng Milling unveils a first with furry tail dog food

OODI, BOTSWANA – A local refining company, Matebeleng Milling (MM) recently launched their dog food brand dubbed, Furry Tail. Matebeleng Milling has become a first Botswana company to locally manufacture quality dog food. The launch of “Furry Tail” dog food was held BSPCA this past Monday.

“Furry-tail is made up of all the ingredients, nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs to lead a happy and healthy life. Most of our ingredients are produced locally including high protein animal by-products produced by BMC and extruded soya beans, both great for energy, as well as protein.

We import a high-quality vitamin/mineral mix for dog food from Trouw, The Netherlands. We are able to produce a dog food that competes well with quality imports from around the world.”

According to the Marketing Manager and Creative Specialist at MM Nature Inger, they are a family-owned business that aims to provide high quality dog products for Batswana, and also take Botswana’s products out into the world.

Director & Owner Mr Gerrit Struyf with Marketing Creative Specialist Ms Nature Inger

“For now we have the biltong flavor but more flavors are coming as dog owners want diversity. Furry Tail will provide a great, tasty, healthy and affordable local dog food. However looking at the market, there is a gap, as right now everything has been exported. By constantly importing goods we are exporting jobs and economic wealth. We want to create and keep those things in the country. We currently employ 15 people and it can only get better,” she said.

“Furry Tail is made up of cereals, soya, meat and animal derivatives, vitamins and minerals and packaged in 7kg bags. The new dog food is already available in most stores in Gaborone and greater Gaborone in retail shops including Pick and Pay, Choppies and Save Rite with Sefalana and Shoprite shortly joining the list of other retailing stores.”

“MM aims to use this product to make a positive difference in our country by working with organizations such as the Botswana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) to fulfil part of our social responsibility to improve the overall well-being, health and treatment of animals in Botswana by donating ten bags of dog food to the animal shelter every month.”

Furthermore, the milling company said, “We also have special packages for our private or individual clients like, free delivery within Gaborone for orders of two 25kg bags for only P210 per bag. Orders can be placed and paid via our contact email at mmbotswana@gmail.com.”

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