Botswana Unplugged New Year’s resolutions wishes and dreams

BOTSWANA, GABORONE; We all like to try and be at least a bit healthier come January – celebs included. Whether it’s getting fit, eating more greens or being kinder to ourselves, most of us try and pledge to do something healthy come the turn of the year.

And it’s no different for our celebs. After so much happened in celebville in 2018, we’ve curated what we wish our favourites should give up or start to do, as part of a healthier, happier and blissful 2019…

No more drama

Where do we even start? Easy B’s Home Coming Concert is one of the biggest music festivals in the country hosted every festive season. One thing that’s consistent about it is its fixed date, as come every 24th of December every road leads to Mahalapye, where the gig is held.
But one thing for sure, this music festival is never without drama. Over the years, many acts (local artists to be precise) including even DJ Fresh have allegedly levelled allegations of dishonesty against the organizer, Easy B.

DJ Easy B

We can only hope this will things will pan out better for those who still remain loyal to the Mahalapye festivity.

Our advice to Easy Ma-Vrr is simply, please pay artists brother before something bad happens to the show or your brand, unless if you don’t care. However, a mind-boggling issue is how the show always continue to have a heavy line-up despite claims of non-payments over the years.

One can only wonder what juju, Easy B is using as his star continues to rise despite all the negativity levelled against his pet project.

Bring back the bad boys?

Gaborone is missing a funny vibe guys. We miss all the reckless partying days of Gaborone’s Blue-eyed boys such as Yo, Stagga aka Bissau Gaorekwe, Luzboy and Stagga.

Nowadays, all we see is small rich kids who spike young girls’ drinks before sleeping with them unbeknownst. One can only yearn for Bisco and crew’s spicing of the city’s night life. We know age, family commitments and life in general is busy showing you, that adulting is a grown a$$ B$%#@, but we need your come back boys! Bring back the olden Gaborone swagg, the new kids on the block could use some authentic oiling.

Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)

We love this couple earnestly. We were also quite happy, at least from the duo’s Insta feed during the festive break that they are lovey-dovey in love, and extremely smitten over each other. That’s a good thing to you Dipsy Selolwane and Marang Molosiwa. We enjoyed all the moments of you two.

The vacation was well deserved. However, we can only plead and pray that our brother and soccer ace, please we beg, puts a ring on it to lock in your beautiful lass. She is becoming busier each day thanks to her stardom rising, so you better put a ring on it bruv, pronto please. And make sure, you mail our invite or personally deliver it!

The darker the Berry…

Berry Heart, the Kgakaladi born, even by figure! Girl we have missed you lots or is it because you have grown a bit – maturity. However, we miss the Berry Heart who was ready to flaunt what she had, all day every day. Should we negotiate a designer for you to dress you accordingly? Or better still, we think it’s time the new lingerie line is put out in the market, or kanjane bafwethu!

It’s a chooseday (singing)

Well, we like you as a model, you have represented the country in various pageants such as Miss Botswana and nearly came close to winning the crown. However, we are not yet sure whether you have ventured into music or not, so Lorraine Ditsebe, it’s 2019, we want to know, is it music or modeling?

Lorraine Ditsebe

Helping the world go green 

Perhaps we don’t know much about many shades of lipstick that’s available in the market and why one should wear one over the other on any particular day. Ok, don’t blame us, that’s not our forte but one Basadi Masimole has been consistent with rocking Black or Green lipsticks over the years now. And, no amount of cyberbullying could change her mind! Brazen you’re Base.

We’re however glad that afroculture blog agrees with you that the new beauty trend is to wear the lipstick green, apparently green has quickly become one of the hottest hues of the year. Whether you like it or not, it must be said that one must be a very audacious girl to dare to wear green or Black lipsticks, unless of course you want too much attention!

SOS BW Radio

Can somebody, anybody really, save us from the glaring and rampant radio boredom. We are tired of hearing presenters talking to themselves about themselves with no fcuks (excuse my French) given to us the listeners.

We can’t recall the last time we listened to the most interesting, insightful and stimulating radio station in Botswana. Local radio managers and programmers are really failing us. We plead for better radio in Botswana in 2019. However, not all apples in the barrel are rotten, and we really enjoy the duo of Yarona FM’s MoG & Ross, we think they are both fascinating. Their combination and nonchalance is what really makes good radio.

The renaissance of S.C.A.R

It’s been a long while since the Molepolole native and talented lyricist has given us something fresh analogous to his debut and banging album, Happy Hour.


However, the man known as S.C.A.R, officially Thato Matlhabaphiri has hinted to his sundry social media followers that a new album is in the offing this year, and of course, we can’t wait. We know, it’s going to be a banger! 

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