Are you ready for Queen B and King Bee YAMAs magic

The hottest, loudest, most rocking urban youth radio station to ever come out of Botswana, Yarona FM 106. 6 is busy gearing up for the biggest weekend of the year when they host the next edition of the Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs), scheduled for 2 February at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC).

Aptly tagged #Retro5, the fifth edition is set to be a royal affair hosted by Botswana and Yarona FM’s Famous Brunch sensation, Leungo Andre Pitse  popularly known as King B, alongside South African global brands’ ‘magnate’ and socialite, Queen B.

FILE; Yarona FM Station Manager, Keletso Ramputswa is equally excited about the upcoming 3rd annual YAMAs

Botswana Unplugged this week looks at why both King B and Queen B are a match made in Heaven to excite and enliven the local celebville…

Confidence, confidence, confidence darling!

The two are self-acclaimed royal blood media personalities as both their monikers have a prefix that details the claim. From South Africa, the gorgeous Bonang Matheba is popularly referred to as Queen B while locally, Loungo Andre Pitse otherwise known as King B will pull all the stops to prove his mettle. The two enjoy massive confidence attained over their years of experience both in front of the cameras, massive crowds and just being buoyant in their chosen careers.

King Bee

Being the fifth successful instalment of the Yarona FM Music awards (YAMAs), the radio station is pulling all the stops to make this year’s awards a resounding affair.

The bringing on board of Matheba sparked controversy and a stir in social media which unfortunately led to two of the radio station’s popular duo allegedly losing their jobs.

We just love Queen B and King B and we all can’t wait to see all of them shine at the Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC) on February 2nd. Follow the #Retro5.

Bonang Matheba

Queen B = Brand Value & Brand Equity

The last YAMAs saw a significant decline in sponsorship and subsequently attendance. Therefore, the radio station had to think quick and fast on how to redeem this situation hence the roping in of Queen B.

Marketing and PR experts claim just by having Matheba headlining and hosting the awards, many reputable brands would not want to miss on this million Pula opportunity to associate their brands with the YAMAs.

Who would not want to rub shoulders with South Africa’s most revered celebrity who commands a whopping 3.3 million followers on Twitter?

#YAMAs crowd

Over the past festive season, the radio station held several activations across the country powered by the new beverage in the Botswana market, Budweiser, who have come on board as sponsors.

Sources close to the radio station have also indicated that other formidable sponsors will be secured soon as negotiations are already at an advanced stage to conclude the deals.

Popularity and international acclaim

Queen B holds a significant following across the world. In fact she inspires brands, and it won’t come as a surprise to see the YAMAs getting reviews on several international media outlets. There are already international celebrities who’ve lined up to attend this year’s YAMAs.

Mostly what Matheba says on her social media space is further Googled by her fans thus this will land Yarona FM, which streams online new and worthy listenership. Loungo, on the other hand has also in his capacity MC-ed in a foreign country, which in this case was the Mahika Mahikeng, alongside industry veterans such as Somizi.

In fact from the current crop of the MCs at Yarona FM he is the only one to host internationally. The duo’s combination will without a doubt bring a new legion of virgin entourages to the YAMAs.

Of booming fashion and fashionistas

The YAMAs have over the years proved that they are not just about music but the night often of the awards often rivals Hollywood.

All the fashionistas come out to play on this particular night, warts and all, with some displaying the most bizarre while others often look chic, stylish and utterly alluring.

Our people are currently under a lot of pressure as we speak, especially with the coming of Matheba – who can change into at least 10 outfits during the night, at least that’s what we saw her do at the recent DStv Msanzi Viewer’s Choice Awards.

Amantle Brown gave a scintillating performance at the #YAMAs in 2018

City slickers are busy working around the clock with their tailors and fashion designers to get bespoke attires and garments which will leave the whole town roaring the whole year.

The style is #Retro5, and we can’t wait for February 2 to arrive so we snap all moments, the good, the ugly and the bad.

Quite positive and inspiring is how many local fashion designers are pleading with the radio station to have Queen B dressed by a local designer. That alone speaks much of how ready everyone is hyped up about next month’s awards. For that picture in the VIP the males also know they will have to look the part considering that Matheba is single after her fallout with musician AKA. Until, February 2, we out!

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