Meet Botswana’s blossoming floral backdrop banner entrepreneur

GABORONE, BOTSWANA; Matheah Molete is proud to come from two villages in Botswana. In her own admission, her maternal side hails from Oodi while paternally she is from Ramotswa.

As a kid growing up, Molete admits she was extremely disciplined and missed out greatly on dillydallying socially – a typical DNA of a truly focused protégé entrepreneur.

Mathaeah Molete

It was through her determination and hard work that she attained good grades in her basic education which eventually landed her a coveted spot at South Africa’s Monash University where she studied Business Science with a double major in Economics and Strategic Management.

Her hard work continued even in varsity where she was enlisted in a talent leadership programme where only the elite students make the cut.

Only aged 30, Molete is currently enterprising as the new plug of the popular floral backdrop wall banner which targets all outdoor events.

Hers is an intriguing journey of how one flight can drastically change a mere tourist into becoming a formidable entrepreneur. Molete shares on how her frequent international travels made her unearth her passion for pursuing a business in flowers.

Quizzed about what inspired her chosen vocation, Molete says her interest and focus on floral wall banners and giving outdoor events the much needed facelift is what keeps her going.

“The past 5 years I have been travelling and I have witnessed that travel changes a person’s mindset. Even for my research before venturing onto this business especially in Asia it became quite easy. I have been privileged to have visited a few landmark destinations such as Dubai, Qatar, Japan, Thailand and China, and in Africa I have been to Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya and Ethiopia,” she added.

Molete added that just like any other woman she wants to be surprised with flowers now and then and her admiration has always been the beauty of floral backdrops especially in major cities across the world, which prompted her to bring the fresh idea home.

“I have always seen flower walls and thought they were real. Imagine as a woman waking to flowers everyday. It’s surreal. So I did my research around these flower walls and surprisingly found that most are not live but they are often made to look fresh and alive. I have now joined the bandwagon of these flower walls and I buy my stock from China to service the local events market.”

Realizing that her passion was becoming profitable, she formalized the idea into a now fully-fledged company.

“In the last 8 months I have managed to service renowned events such as Fashion Without Borders, Empire Fashion Week, Italian Wine Tasting, Deal Store launch, Summer Expressions and several other private parties including the corporates. It has been a good start.”

“The company is called Azzani Designs and I am a sole owner who is open for collaborations. It’s a new untapped market. I appeal to the corporate world to help us financially. Women love flowers and mostly our events are attended by women, so it will be a great investment opportunity,” she concluded.

Her prices range between P1500-P5000 and for enquiries Molete can be reached at Azzanidesigns@gmail.com or telephonically on +26772997992

Mathaeah Molete

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