The Top 10 Best Dressed Men of Botswana Unplugged 2018

Often times we’ve come across mundane lists attempting to rank our Botswana men by how they dress, and these local inventories have always fallen short of stimulus. As we wrap up the year 2018 in style, here’s a list you’ve all been waiting for. From the effortless scribes to the fashionistas,politicians and designers who serve as their own best advertisements, this is the only countdown that counts. Allow us to introduce this year’s style -statement men of distinction.

Thobo Kerekang, Dithapelo Keorapetse and Gabriel. O. Tlagae are just a few of Botswana men to make our Top 10 Best Dressed Men list. Check out the unique styles of Botswana’s most fashionable fellas and how they dare to defy mundane menswear.

These are the guys who, in 2018, reminded us why we love style, and who showed us new ways to dress by defining the most exciting era in menswear for the whole of 2018…

KENO SUITS – The duo of Thobo Kerekang and Donald Nnoto are truly an epitome of suave amplified. As the enterprising founders of Keno Suits– a stylish and bespoke suit brand catering for the affluent and debonair Botswana men and women, Thobo and Donald continue to carve their own golden niche in as far as looking and making people stylish is concerned. The duo is always spotted looking suave in their immaculate suit designs which are truly a marvel and candy to the eye. 

MICHAEL HALL– The Social Media and Digital Marketing professional cum ContentCreator/Curator who works for Pernod Ricard – a French company that produces distilled beverages,amongst its rich portfolio of international brands being Absolut Vodka,Beefeater, Chivas Regal, Jameson, Ballantine’s and G.H. Mumm, this fashionable bloke’sstyle is still one tough act to follow.

Often times spotted in a pair of jeans and T-Shirt with his signature sporty hat or simple shorts and flops, Hall is not the one who tries harder to impress and is never one to shy away from always looking stylish, without breaking the bank of course.

THAPELO LETSHOLO – The PR expert cum nature photographer and aspiring politician is always looking stylish, be it in suit or jean and shirt. His style is timeless and the Red Pepper PRC superior commander has also made the wise career choice to always look at least a million dollars in a tailor-made suit.

Letsholo oozes style and charisma. He looks slick in tailoring and makes a white T-shirt look the business.

MOTHUSI RICH–We know very little about this man save for his Instagram feed which is always ablaze thanks to his spick and span panache and we hope you too will find him irresistibly impeccable. Keep those temperatures soaring mate all the way into 2019.

LAMPY NGAKE – The politician and fashionista councillor is yet another example of urbanity defined. In modern millennial speak, Lampy is always on fleek and ‘serving some hot sauce’ be it in a tailor-made suit or just a simple T-shirt and jeans over the weekend.

As the current Tonota South Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor, Lampy slays any look any time of day. Check his Instagram feed for some fashion tips and inspiration. 

OUTSAMOKONE – As the founding editor of Botswana’s most popular broadsheet Sunday newspaper, Sunday Standard, Outsa Mokone has for the longest time been showing his colleagues in the media industry that indeed, “clothes maketh a man – the garments make the man”.

The controversial journalist is always looking dapper in a simple T-shirt and cotton chinos, festooned with his signatureFedora hat or suspender braces. Our dearest colleagues in the media industry can truly learn a thing or two from this Molepolole-born native and the 1997 CNN AfricaJournalist of the Year Award winner. Keep inspiring us comrade scribe!    

DITHAPELO KEORAPETSE – The Selibe Phikwe West opposition legislator who over the weekend tied the knot to his long time sweetheart, also makes the top 10 list of Botswana’s most well-groomed gentlemen.

The former Political Science and Public Administration lecturer at the University of Botswana (UB), Sticks as he’s affectionately known always gives his colleagues at the National Assembly (Botswana Parliament) a run for their money thanks to his bespoke suits.

Not many people wear a slim-fit suit better than Sticks. If you’re ever unsure about proportions when it comes to tailoring, just do what he does. We always love the look Sir!

DANIEL KENOSI – Of late, the controversial online journalist has been cleaning up really well, having metamorphosed from his former rag tag dreadlock-inspired look to a more sophisticated tailor-made suit appearance.

His transformation from the Rag-a-muffin new kid on the block to now pioneering one of Botswana’s leading controversial online platforms is impressive enough on its own.

All of this adds up to one of this year’s most effortlessly cool entries – we can’t wait to see what he does in 2019.

LEUNGO ANDRE PITSE – The versatile and talented Yarona FM radio personality cum event MC truly knows how to put one or two garments together.

King B, as he often likes to refer to himself has a great style, often mixing tailoring with unexpected twists and accessories. He has fun with his style, which comes across when you speak to him.

It’s versatility that sees him cementing his place among this year’s best-dressed men .

GABRIEL O. TLAGAE – This debonair brother, a Marketing and Communications Executive at Botswana Life Insurance (Pty) Ltd has been on top of his fashion game over the years, and there’s no stopping him now.

This guy dresses himself as well as he manages the Botswana Life Insurance brand, his responsibilities amongst many being to ensure that all brand aspects of Botswana Life Limited Insurance are well articulated as well as ensuring that all products are well pronounced and visible to the market. You can tell if someone is an original or just an impostor. Gabriel has always looked good and unique. The way he mixes all styles is a bit of an insight into his own personality, we think.

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