The Top 10 Influencers of Botswana Unplugged 2018

Sometime in June, this year, Ogilvy announced the findings of the 2018 Global Media Influence Survey at the Cannes LionsFestival, which revealed trust in traditional media as a source for news has declined 22 percent since 2016.

The survey of over 350 journalists worldwide found that these shifts will likely lead to more collaborations between traditional and social media in the coming years, as both confront ongoing challenges to consumer trust.

Even though, influencer marketing in Botswana is still relatively knew with more and more local companies still stuck in the doldrums of traditional media, things may change for the better come 2019 and beyond.

As one of Botswana’s leading online platforms, we combed the net in the search for influencers who are a truly amassing their numbers effortlessly.

Being an influencer can mean many things but it really comes down to being someone who actually influences others’ decisions. It’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about what you do with your following, and how others react to your content…


Charity is the definition of an influencer. She’s someone that got into the social media game early on and has worked with megastars like Nick Cannon just to name a few.

Charity is a fantastic example of a fashion blogger and Multiple BusinessOwner who turned her influence into an empire. She’s one of the best influencers 2018 with over 152k Instagram followers and her other handle Material Girlz Botswana (Botswana’s High-end Fashion Store, based at Mowana Park,Phakalane) has over 51.3k followers.

It’s her mix of high style and charm that’s led to her success.


She is a blogger and fashion stylist with around 30.6k followers. She truly stood out for us as one of the best influencers 2018. One thing about Tumie that makes her stand out from a sea of beauty and lifestyle influencers is that she’s refreshing and accessible.

She’s partnered with brands like VW, Johnnie Walker Black Label, USN and Redd’s just to name but a few.


The vivacious wife toBotswana’s most successful musician, Vee Mampeezy, Kagiso is both an influencer and business woman. She’s one of the best influencers 2018 with 53.7k Instagram followers.

She’s currently working with Shell VPower as an ambassador as well as Renne Make up including being a wife,mother and running her own business VK Properties.


2018 was a very good year for former child TV star now turned Live Performance Educator, otherwise known as Rami. 

As one of the best influencers 2018, she’s racked up more than 29.1k Instagram followers. She recently worked with UNICEF-Botswana on a national campaign dubbed #EsengMoNgwaneng, a campaign against child sexual abuse that forms part of the National 16 Days of Activism against GenderBased Violence, including speaking at this year’s Sneaker Expo BW. Rami is also a founding member of Minds for Tomorrow – an organisation dedicated to shaping a generation of change makers in Botswana.


The RB2 Sunday Ballads presenter and My Star TV show host also had a good year in 2018 thanks to his meteoric rise on Instagram.  He’s also one of the best influencers 2018.

He had a pretty big year, thanks to brands suchas Shell VPower, Cresta Hotels, Redd’s, Miss RADP & Mr RADPFashion Show 2018, Bolux Group (custodians of Maxi Bread, A1 Super Maize Mealand Snowwhite Flour among others).


The popular BTV Flavadome presenter adds up to one of this year’s most effortlessly cool entries.

Sadi also had a big year thanks to her collaborations with CENE Media, Bolux Group, Sky Girls BW, Redd’s, Cresta Hotels and Budweiser just to name a few.

Her vivacious smile and warm Instagram feed continues to serve as an inspiration to her 32k followers.


Officially known as Khumo Kgwaadira, this TV and Radio Personality, MC and Founder of WHO AM I Organisation has rapidly become an influencer with a very engaged audience on Instagram.

She has also had a good run this year courtesy of brands such as BNYC TV/Film Festival, Cresta Hotels,Total,  Youth Expo Awards,Budweiser and Mascom 20th Anniversary just to name a few. Currently,she has 31.5k followers on Instagram.


Maxine is someone that is blowing up on Instagram thanks to her make up skills. Being the owner of Maxine Make-up and Hair studio, the full of life lass is busy inspiring her 30.8k Instagram followers, traveling around the world and having fun in the process. 


He’s someone that has exploded onto the internet scene with a bang when one of his videos got up to over 5 million views.

Born Thabang Lowani, the 24-year- old comedian has become popular for his short funny videos on social media.

If you want to see engagement in action, check out Mjamaica’s Instagram feed. The Acting Comedian, Actor,Singer, Entertainer, MC, Voice over Artist, Brand Ambassador, and best influencer 2018 has 28.1k followers. His funny videos, get somewhere in the range of 1,000 to 7,000 likes each.

He’s collaborated with renowned brands such as Cassper Nyovest, Shell VPower and Orange Botswana just to name a few. 


The Gaona Live Productions Executive Producer, TV Host, Endometriosis Activist, MC, Speaker is aYouTuber with over 1.9k subscribers who took her influence to the small screen, when Botswana Television debuted “GaonaLive”- an online YouTube channel, which aims to air premium content, through a wide variety of programs that celebrate and showcase everything there is about Africa and her people, starting right here in Botswana. Gaona’s success shows that there is some opportunity for influencers beyond the internet.

Currently, she has 35.2k followers and has collaborated with brands such as Shell VPower, Barclay’sBank, Pinnalead and also enterprises by pushing her own sleepwear brand, I~RiseByGaona Sleepwear.

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