Botswana Innovation Fund launches 2nd call for proposals

Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) recently announced the launch of the Botswana Innovation Fund’s(BIF) Second Call for Proposals. The BIF Second Call for Proposals is open from the 16 December 2018 until the 23 January 2019, and a total of P16 million has been set aside for funding selected projects that will meet the evaluation criteria.

The grants awarded shall be up to P2 million per project and will be spent on eligible costs only.In line with the BIH mandate, the Second Call for Proposals is seeking innovative solutions in the sectors of Mining technologies, Clean technologies,Biotechnology (Agriculture and Health Technologies),Information and Communications technologies, Knowledge intensive business services and Indigenous knowledge systems.

The Call places emphasis on facilitation of local Intellectual Property development and registration, Innovative solutions at prototype development,technology transfer, and pre-commercialisation.

The BIF’s Second Call for Proposals invites applicants from Research Institutes, Academic Organisations,Entrepreneurs, Applications Developers, Indigenous Knowledge Holders, Social Enterprises,Private Sector Companies and Non-governmental Organisations. Collaborative project proposals with a mix between solution providers and entities that would adopt the solution is highly preferred.

The Second Call for Proposals follows the announcement of the First Call for Proposals Grantees in October 2018. The First Call for Proposals awarded 7 companies whose projects were successful based on concept, value and impact as vetted by an independent expert panel of adjudicators.

The Second Call for Proposals is open to a broader pool of applicants including companies that are not registered with BIH.

Shortlisted non-members would be registered with BIH prior to grants awarded. Grants allocated will be focused on economic sectors that have been selected as priorities for the Botswana National Development Plan, Vision 2036 or Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Commenting on the launch, BIH Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alan Boshwaen said, “The Government of Botswana is dedicated to expanding opportunities for funding of innovative projects. The Innovation Fund is a great framework to promote innovation by giving innovators access to early stage funding. With the launch of the Second Call for Proposals, we are delivering on our commitment to foster commercialisation of innovations and technology transfer and contribute towards Botswana’s competitiveness& economic diversification. We expect to see funded projects scaling up sustainably and thereby creating more jobs.”

The Botswana Innovation Fund (BIF) is a Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research,Science and Technology initiative, administered by the Botswana Innovation Hub(BIH).

Quick Facts

• The Second Call for Proposals is open to all Botswana registered companies with innovative projects (including BIH non-members)

• The Second Call for Proposals is open from the 16 December 2018to 23 January 2019

• All applicants should complete an application form available on the BIH e-portal

https://eportal.bih.co.bw/recruit-ticket-new BIH Members may access the form directly on the BIH e-portal.

• BIH Non-Membersare to send their Company details (Company Name, Email Contact and Company Representative) to innovationfund@bih.co.bw for e-portal registration

• Fund Guidelines, funding windows, application evaluation criteria and Questions &

Answers are available on the BIH website (www.bih.co.bw)

• The grants awarded shall be up to P2 millionper project and only to be spent on eligible costs.

• For further enquires please email: innovationfund@bih.co.bw

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