African journalists form digital database platform to accelerate digital migration

Batswana journalists are part of the newly established Digital Communication Network (DCN) Africa Board which seeks to facilitate and fast-track digital migration which will see reporters exchanging ideas and sources from within their zones for easy dissemination of information and news. 

Botswana scribes are Ontametse Sugar (Patriot on Sunday), Oemelenna Mmanoko (Global Post), Jennifer Letshwiti, Samantha Pilane (Program Manager of INK), Onneile Setlalekgosi of Midweek Sun, Mompati Tlhankane, Innocent Selahlwa (Mmegi) and our very own, MoagiMadisa (Botswana Unplugged).

Journalists during the conference

The new venture come as a resultant of the just ended successful Business of Truth conference held in Johannesburg, SouthAfrica recently. 

Digital Communication Network is an international association connecting professionals of the digital age to generate ideas, products of media, tools, non-governmental organizations and governments. It has been established already in Europe. DCN starts with the premise that, in the new information space, journalists cannot win alone. It is not anymore only about the media and the consumer of news, now there are plenty of filters of information – platforms, sharing mechanisms, niche groups – that are part of the equation.

The organization creates coalitions of digital communicators from different walks of life – media, entrepreneurship, civil society and social movements and governments – supporting them to cross learn and cross experience, using digital tools and reshaping communication. These multi-disciplinary coalitions not only lead to better mastering of the new digital tools but also contribute to increased traction and impact of good reporting.

Vladimir Spencer with Booi of ENCA and DCN Africa board interim chairperson Noloyiso Mtembu

Furthermore, DCN empowers a new generation on influencers to gain a voice and compete.

In the era of disinformation and fake news, DCN is a vigorous community reaction, having journalism as its core, in defense of truth and integrity.

According to the mastermind of the idea,Vladimir Spencer, the board will ease transformation of the dormant African digital migration with various mandates such as conference with experts.

“Over 30 people showed interest with the formation of the board. During the session, we went over goals, mission and short term plans and we appointed Noloyiso Mtembu from South Africa to be the first Chairperson.”

“The American Corner in Cape Town offered space and assistance for the new board, which is great news. We also talked about what’s involved, so we benchmarked from DCN Europe VP of the board Frank that building the organization is not easy, it is an effort, requires commitment.”

Anas Anas of Ghana during unconference in Johannesburg

“As a starting point, part of the leadership of DCN Africa at this point will be contribution to external communication, branding, membership, digital tools development, web development, community outreach, events, finance, local chapters, and entrepreneurial initiatives among others.”

Meanwhile, speakers at the just ended conference positioned Africa as a profitable digital media space hub and showed journalists ways to better their presence in the digital space. The conference attracted 227 professional ranging from media personnel from Africa and the world.

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