10 reasons to visit Botswana

We might be quite biased, but we think Botswana is a pretty amazing place, whether you live here, or are just coming for a visit. In fact, there we even have a dance music group called I Love Botswana Ensemble, who recently performed on Broadway – we’re spreading the word about our amazing country! If you need convincing, here are 10 reasons to visit Botswana.

The contrasting landscapes

Botswana is home to some incredibly diverse landscapes. You will cross lush green fields and vast deserts, as well as the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, which has an environment not unlike the surface of the moon.


The range of places to stay is vast in Botswana. Some people choose mobile camping, as most of the country is protected land. However, you can choose a basic, natural style of camping, or a more ‘glamping’ style with ensuite tents. Luxury lodges are a step up from this and often provide food in the deal too.

The amazing wildlife

Botswana has some incredible animals and the best way to see them is on a safari. Head to Chobe National Park if you want to spot elephants and buffalo, or in the various waterways and lagoons of Okavango Delta’s you might see hippo, crocodiles, and a varIety of birds. The Central Kalahari’s open plains are rife with black-maned lions, wild dogs, and cheetahs, all hunting down zebra and antelope.

The food

One of the best ways to explore any place is through the food and there are plenty of options in Botswana. For example, pap is the staple food; a stiff maize porridge which could be served with the national dish, seswaa – a meat stew featuring onions and peppers. This could have a side of morogo with it, which is wild spinach.

Rock art

The Tsodilo Hills in the north-west of the country has the highest concentrations of rock art in the world – across just 10 square kilometers there are over 4,500 rock paintings that span from the Stone Age to the 19th Century! The area is now a place of worship and said to be a home of ancestral spirits.

Exploring via water

One of the best ways to see this land without the hustle and bustle of cars and people is via canoe. The Linyanti has recently become accessible via the Okavango River (the Selinda Spillway between them has been dry for three decades!) and is an amazing place to canoe.


If you are an adrenaline-seeker, one thing you must do is go quad biking across the  Makgadikgadi salt pans. It’s the best way to experience this extraordinary landscape and a whole lot of fun!

The culture

Botswana is incredibly rich in culture. One of the best things you can do to really get a taste of this is to meet the local San Bushmen, who will happily teach you about ancient medical practices, sourcing water, and making fire.


One reason that people choose Botswana over other destinations is the fact that there are only around three people per square kilometre, so crowded it is not! If you want some peace and quiet, along with some time to think, Botswana is your country.

A view of Thamalakane River along Maun Cresta Hotel.

Beautiful sunsets

Sunsets over the bush are incredible in Botswana and an amazing way to end the day, drink in hand and a happy heart. So much so, that you will want to watch the sunset every night over this incredible place.

So hopefully this has convinced you to visit Botswana. What are you waiting for? Pack up your case and we can’t wait to meet you.

Have we missed out any other amazing reasons to visit Botswana? Leave them in the comments.

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