MOGODITSHANE, Her copious fans only know her as the pretty face that graces Deezone Production’s infotainment and lifestyle magazine dubbed ‘Pula Power’ which beams on Botswana Television (BTV) on a weekly basis. This is none other than Kefilwe Reetsang popularly known as Fifi Reetz, a 24-year-old young Motswana lass from Mogoditshane who is slowly making strides in as far as television presenting is concerned. She’s this week’s celebrity crush… 

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I rest, and that’s not something I get all the time. At times I just watch Nigerian movies. Lol, I know right. I love them so much. I started watching them from a younger age and with what I’m seeing now, there is a lot of production improvement. Well, their sound is still a problem with some of the productions but I’m more interested in their shooting style. Set designing, dialogue and quality. They are doing well. There is improvement I also love action movies, the shots are always amazing from a punch to a kick the editing style is awesome. I love film making basically.

Who is your celebrity crush?

He knows!

Are you single?

No, I’m taken.

How would someone get your special attention?

Well, you would either have to be my mom or my boyfriend.

What has been your best/worst date?

This was back in 2015 this guy expected me to eat pizza with a fork and knife and he started talking about how he is so good with fork and knife, and spoke at length about all the expensive restaurants he has been to, how he is making money, he was too boastful I dreaded the date until today. I hope he sees this. You are so boring! Lol.

Would you date a fan?

As they say, “Pelo eja serati”. I real don’t know, lol.

What would you change your name to?

Mrs. so and so My Man.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Being whistled at (cat-called) by random guys in the streets. It’s so embarrassing and annoying.

What’s your annoying habit?

Not good at starting conversations. Most of the time I get on WhatsApp just to reply, and I never initiate a convo. I’m just used to that and my best friend is always shouting at me. I’m so sorry, lol.

 Do you ever get used to being a celebrity?

Ah, I don’t consider myself one. And those that know me better understand what I mean.

Who is your inspiration?

Myself, I know what I can be so I have to be it.

Do you speak any language?


Where would like to visit

Lesotho, my Dad was from there and apparently I have siblings there. I just don’t know what to do to get in contact with them. Well, Dad is no more (MHSRIP).

If you were not famous. What would you be up to?

I would have loved to be a designer. I have sewing machines and I don’t have the time to use them. That’s what I wanted to be before I went to Tertiary.

Who is the messiest person you know

Lionel Messi lol, jokes. Man, I can’t mention names. The answer I have in my head would make me the pettiest person ever to some people.

What’s the most interesting thing you have read or seen this week?

I just learned that there is Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker in Hollywood. All this time I thought it was one person and I thought the dude was old when watching Kenn then think Forest’s movies are old movies because he still looked younger then. Well of course, I didn’t pay attention to the credits to check out all the names.

What would you like to be remembered about you?

Hard work.

What message would you like to give to your fans?

Believe in your beliefs and doubt your doubts, go for anything you believe you have to achieve. Let nothing stop you from becoming it. Chase it until it makes you the catch.

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