The rising star of a gaily Maun Crab

Botswana is a country which thrives on eclectic and creatively insane individuals whose daily quests are to continuously better their lives and in turn position the country globally. One such individual is the multifaceted Loretta Mekgwe – an inspired and ingenious personality who continues to break the mould in all things creative. There’s nothing that this Maun beauty has not done. She is currently on television with Ntwakgolo drama which airs on Botswana Television (BTV) where she plays Doctor Marumo.

She has also in the past written a Health column in The Voice newspaper. Over the past five (5) years until she left this year to pursue other endeavors, Loretta was a dedicated Content Producer at the Adult Contemporary Radio (ACR) station Gabz FM 96.2. When that door was shut in her face, the passionate artist in Loretta wasted no time in opening other windows of opportunity. After a thorough introspection with her inner self Loretta awakened the Fine Artist in her, and a brush and paint became her closest buddies. Equally amazed by her artistic prowess, #BotswanaUnplugged recently had a chat with the 32-year-old Maun lass so as to understand what else is cooking in her pot of surprises…

All throughout your media journey, nobody was really aware of your hidden talents in Fine Art and Painting. Please take us through your childhood and share with us your artistic side…

At primary school I was part of the 4B club which was formed to unearth children’s talents. I did arts and crafts, traditional dance, theater and choral music. I literally did everything. I enjoyed drawing and painting so I took up art classes at junior school and senior school as well. I even got an A at BGCSE. At home, my uncle Tosh (RIP) was my biggest inspiration and cheerleader. Our downtime was always drawing figures and competing against each other.

What’s the inspiration behind your art pieces?

My emotions. Music. Books. Food. Other people’s stories. I have 5 pieces which are Botswana Independence inspired. The pieces were part of the stage decor yesterday at the Donald Molosi’s Motswana, Africa, Dream Again reading.

You’re also a budding entrepreneur! Surely leaving radio could have been a blessing in disguise…

Yep, I have registered a company called Sebitse Holdings, and it’s almost a year old now. We specialize in creating and selling content, social media management, live streaming and influencing brands. One of the lessons I got from radio is to be as truthful as you can be and value all content. There are two sides to every coin, and every topic must be milked from all angles and corners to satisfy all audiences as well. Social media isn’t that different from radio, it’s spontaneous and sensitive. Your followers should never doubt your credibility.

And you’ve now partnered with Donald Molosi – a renowned actor and writer. Tell us more…

One of the life changing things in my radio life was my commitment to local content. I vowed to help local artists to have a voice, from musicians, authors, models, sports personalities. As I was doing this I didn’t realize I was building myself a solid network of creatives. Working has never been easier than it is now. Donald and I have been trying to work together for a year now but somehow our schedules never worked out. Until recently we got together with 5 other artists to shoot a shot film. We are trying to find ways to collaborate and help each other as artists so it gets a little easier on the pocket as most of the work we do is self sponsored.

How do you balance between all your multi talents?

Being multi-talented is not easy. For the longest time I couldn’t focus on one area but with a time management plan it gets better. I am now on set shooting a couple of things, painting and serving Sebitse clients.

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