A blogger and designer’s New York Fashion Week experience unplugged

The popular New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come and gone but the world is still abuzz with what went down, who wore what and how they wore it. Furthermore, the fashion police went out with their microscopes zooming into who was dressed by who, which designer’s line became talk of the street and true to the description given to the Big Apple, New York, if you can make it here, you can surely make it anywhere in the world. This year’s New York Fashion Week saw local fashion designer Delayna Scott and fashion blogger, Tumie Nthutang making history as they attended the glitzy and glamorous event as they mingled with the cream of the cream of fashionistas from around the globe.

The duo are still jubilant about attending and showing at the world acclaimed Fashion Street as well as rubbing shoulders with the who’s is who of fashion. Upon their arrival from the US, Scott told #BotswanaUnplugged that her profile has moved up the charts as NYFW is one of the greatest fashion spectacles in the world. She said although he had wanted to have spent more time in “The City That Never Sleeps” to further his network, the opportunity to have staged in New York is immeasurable.

“Globally, New York is known as one of the main fashion districts and the New York Fashion week is one of the biggest fashion events globally. So of course, when the opportunity presented itself, I did not hesitate to participate in an event of such caliber. As designers we didn’t get a chance to meet and greet because of the hustle and bustle backstage, with everyone trying to get their models dressed, but after my showcase a few designers did approach me congratulating me on my collection.”

She said quite intriguing is the fact that her work would not go unnoticed as a few renowned designers seemed interested in his prints and designs. “I particularly remember Ann Ong from the Philippines who is an internationally acclaimed jewelry designer and Elena Rouse of Bulgaria, who was intrigued by my head wraps and choice of African prints used for my collection. Moreover, after the show ended I was contacted by the producers of one of fashion’s biggest events in the world who attended my showcase and was truly impressed. I am invited to showcase at their event early next year.”

Nonetheless, despite the moving experience, Scott said showcasing at the NYFW is extremely expensive as one has to book accommodation, prepare models and other cumbersome logistics. “The showcase package was very costly, then there was also a production cost of 35 outfits consisting of about 65 to 70 pieces but I had to make sacrifices to make it all happen for me to showcase my work at the New York Fashion Week. This has always been my dream. I learnt that you should only strive to be a first version of yourself and you should never think that your best is not enough because in someone else’s eyes you are a definition of perfection. I took a risk when I went to showcase at one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world and my collection was all sold out.”

Nthutang who is also the face of the new VW Polo said Delyana’s collection was greatly appreciated. Quizzed about what truly stood out for her, Nthutang said almost every designer added bold accessories to their outfits.

“Times have changed and the runway is not just about the garments but about the complete outfit so I loved that they styled their garments to include accessories, bags and shades. Obviously there was the networking part, how impressive were the discussions with other fellow game changers.  It was interesting to find out that regardless of where you are, some things never change, we spoke about how hard it is being a creative and ultimately commercializing one’s craft. I also went backstage and saw all the pressures that go on behind the scenes, even in New York. I guess I expected it to be a lot different and smoother but like any other event, it will always have its own challenges and pressure.”

She said the NYFW experience was completely fun and fast-paced just like how New York City is deemed. “It was an eye opening experience all together. It was fun and most importantly it was everything that I had anticipated and more. It was my first time in NYC but all the research I did told me it’s eclectic, fast-paced and all things fashion and shopping so all my expectations were met.”

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