Bougee promises to add more flavour in the ear of Hip-hop

After spending several years working in some of Botswana’s fascinating safaris such as San Camp, Camp Kalahari and Jacks Camp as an Administration Manager, Gabane-born Hip-hop artist Bougee, aged 24 is back in the game after going A.W.O.L for almost two years. Describing some of her best experiences, Bougee says her stay in camps gave her a chance to meet the crème de la crème of Hollywood such as Don Cheadle, movie directors including former U.S President George W Bush.

It is these experiences that gave a young and budding Bougee to appreciate the phenomena and beauty that is Botswana first hand. Apart from her rich lyrical prowess Bougee returns to the music scene loaded with brand new productions. “I took up an interest in music at a very young age. I was motivated by artists such as HHP, Mo’Molemi, Morafe and TearGas respectively. It was in 2009 when I started writing my own lyrics. In 2011, I then sought mentorship from Samba T who agreed to show me the ropes as soon as I was done with high school.”

She says whilst at varsity in 2015, Samba-T reached out and introduced her to phenomenal rapper and producer Qbio. Collectively Bougee and Qbio worked on her debut single which premiered in 2016 dubbed “Know my name” which features Qbio and Refilwe Boleseng – daughter of renowned trumpeter and Jazz muso, Lister Boleseng. In the same year, Bougee released a follow up single, self-titled “Bougee” which stunned the airways.

It was this rise to eminence that afforded Bougee an opportunity to secure numerous interviews on Botswana’s leading mediums such as Gabz FM and Yarona FM.  “I have released my 3rd studio single dubbed ‘No Assistance’ which continues to receive major rotation on radio stations to date. The song basically talks about the need to have accountability for your work in the industry and not allowing oneself to be swayed negatively by anybody. Plus, it was somewhat of an oath to Hip hop, that the old school type of lyricism which in reality has taken somewhat of a back seat with Rap/Hip hop today still exists. The visuals for the song have been shot and should be premiering soon.”

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Bougee has had the opportunity of working with PLMG, Oatsdunaand Ampres Records. So far, she has already performed her latest offering on Flava Dome, a popular local music television magazine show on Botswana Television (BTV) last week. Further, she has scored live performances in 2017 with the monthly and popular Jam 4 Brunch orchestrated by another Hip-hop artist Zeus. 2018 also saw Bougee feature at the Boulevard courtesy of 2by2 Winter Affair.

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