Botswana-based comedian fancies his chances at top SA awards

The 8th South African Annual Savanna Comics Choice Awards, will take place next month, September 8 at the Lyric Theatre, Golf Reef City in Johannesburg. The awards see the best of the best comedians battling it out for top honours, such as the Savanna Pan Africa Comic of the Year Award, which this year will see, Botswana-based comedian, Charles Manase take on the following comedians for the award: Basketmouth from Nigeria, the winner of last year’s award, Kansiime Anne from Uganda, Salvado from Uganda, as well as Carl Joshua Ncube from Zimbabwe.

Ugandan Queen Comedienne, Anne Kansiime.

The Botswana-based comedian, Charles is the youngest in the category when compared to the other comedians and it is his first ever nomination into what is a big award for the continent. Manase, a professional stand-up comedian and a master of ceremonies was born in 1990 in the city of Harare, Zimbabwe but is currently based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Comedian, Charles Manase

He is a one of a kind comic who expresses his love for comedy through his on point, intellectual humour which is always received with good laughs. A man with a gift for wringing laughter from common place situations, Charles Manase has parlayed his career to become one amongst the best stand-up comedians in Botswana.

His resume as a stand-up comedian is steadily growing thanks to his unique style of comedy. His wit, spontaneity and dazzling personality sets him apart from other stand-up comedians in recent memory and it is clear that the comedian has found his mark in the Botswana comedy scene.

During his career as a stand-up comedian he has been part of the seven comedians to perform in Bulawayo as a part of the ‘Go Worries Go’ comedy tour before partaking in Baisly Comedy Show Night of Fools, Politics of Laughter, two seasons of the soul food comedy contest (all in 2014) and headlined the 2014 Anne Kansime show in Botswana where he without a doubt left the audiences in stitches.

Before that, he had auditioned for Talent Search program called “Gemstones” which was sponsored by International Modelling and Talent agency (IMTA) as the only comedy entry only bowing out in the National stage. He later went on to perform under the Laugh-a-Lot platform where he shaped his unique brand of comedy.

Manase, the brand, remains relevant today more than ever as the man features as the voice of Grand-Pa’s Bumper to Bumper traffic update in Botswana and is played during every traffic update on radio. Having played a role in the establishment of the Phakalane Comedy Show, he went on to establish The Fresh Comedy Series and with high ticket item like a one man show and a comedy tour still in the pipeline, The Brand will surely continue to grow.

“The Annual South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards (CCA) offers every professional comedian in the country the opportunity to vote for his or her favourite comedian in each category. The event takes the format of a hilarious variety show comprising sketches, stand-up, impressionists, celebrity performances and witty one-liners delivered by SA’s top comedians. Garnering R80m media value in 2017, the CCA’s is one of South Africa’s most reputable, premium awards event. This year’s event takes place on Saturday 8 Sept at The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City.  The after party will be at The Barnyard, which will be transformed with glitz and glam for the occasion,” said the organisers.

Furthermore, the organisers said, “Over the years, the Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards has looked at so many elements of humour. We’ve looked at the business side, the social side and the feel-good factor. We’ve explored the freedom of comedy and how sharp its blade can be. This year, we change lenses again and we dive into one of the most underrated tools in a comedian’s box of tricks – the ‘Rhythm of Funny’.”

“What is the Rhythm of funny? It’s the way a comic pauses between the set-up and the punchline, the way a word gets stretched or shortened to make it funnier. How they ride a big laugh and roll their eyes at just the right moment. It’s that beautiful, masterful and totally naturally occurring phenomenon of “ta-dum-dush!” It’s the pure music of comedy. Music has always been a close friend to the CCA’s, with Fabian Sing’s superb composition and musical direction providing the second strand of the CCA DNA. This year, he’ll collaborate even more closely with the soon-to-be-appointed director, head writer and surprise in-house band to create a world-class demonstration of comedy rhythm in action. This year will see a fantastic fusion of music and comedy, with a special focus on the delivery of lines by rhythmic masters of stand-up.”

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