Shell Fuel Save Media Challenge gets underway

Botswana media will tomorrow (Saturday) join Vivo Energy Botswana on a 200km drive and fuel saving mission – a journey which will start from Gaborone all the way to Mahalapye and back. The fuel saving initiative aptly tagged “Shell Fuel Save Media Challenge” will see groups of four local scribes per car embarking on a fun yet responsible day trip whose mission is to demonstrate fuel saving tactics.

The trip will start from Shell North End Service Station located at Sebele Centre from 0730am. The media team that has demonstrated solid fuel saving methods will pocket P10,000 and another P10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, P5,000 for second runner ups and P2,000 for third place.

“As Vivo Energy Botswana, the company that markets and distributes Shell-branded products and services, we have launched the Shell FuelSave testimonial campaign to show our customers that they can do more of what they want, using less fuel and in turn save money. This campaign will demonstrate how we take worry out of our customers’ daily driving experience through the fuel economy benefit of our Shell FuelSave fuel and in turn give them more time to do the things they enjoy.”

#BotswanaUnplugged team who will join other media houses tomorrow welcomed the campaign with open arms adding that it is a great initiative because it not only does it sensitize motorists about fuel saving methods but also promotes road safety measures as well as a healthy environment.

“In as much as fuel prices continue to rise, it is important to know how to travel with lower consumption. This also adds to lower emissions thus saving the environment further. It is also notable that some of the prize monies will be donated to charity, giving back to the very society that we live and operate within.”

The media crew that recently toured the Goo-Moremi Resort outside one of the luxurious tents. This time they are on a different challenge

Furthermore, Vivo Energy Botswana noted that they look after the safety of its people and those in the communities where it operates as part of its commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest international Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards.

“It is on this basis that, we aim to encourage safe driving styles and behaviours on the roads for customers to get the best value out of our fuels, through the Shell Fuel Save Testimonial campaign. As we continually strive to meet the various driving needs of our customers, Vivo Energy Botswana seeks to differentiate itself, and the Shell products that it markets, to demonstrate that not ‘all fuels are the same’. We understand the fact that motorists have busy lifestyles and are looking to do more, while at the same time not digging deep into their pockets.”

“For the past five weeks, we have tracked the busy lives of 20 motorists from different walks of life, among them taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, working mothers and government employees, to demonstrate how Shell FuelSave supports their busy lifestyles as it’s designed to last longer at no extra cost. The longer lasting fuel gives our customers time and money to do more of the things they enjoy.”

Vivo Energy Botswana’s Marketing Manager, Mpho Motlhabane said the campaign is also an opportune time to showcase all their products and get feedback from their customers.

“We are taking this opportunity to showcase how we use our Shell products to meet our customers’ driving needs to give them time to do more of the things they enjoy. We want our customers to feel a sense of satisfaction from making the most of their money. We also want to encourage safe behaviours on the roads as the challenge is not about showcasing the fastest drivers but using less fuel by adopting the right driving style and behaviour on the roads.”

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