First division league goes LIVE

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) will for the first time in the history of local football kick start the broadcasting of the First Division league games on television and radio through Maru TV, NowTV and Duma FM respectively.The First Division leagues, arguably the feeder league to the elite BTC premiership is made up of the North and South, each having 12 clubs competing in the league.

The new venture saw the launch of the broadcasting rights awarded to a local production company, Baboneng Film and Entertainment, which further roped in other services from different companies such as Duma FM, WindRush Communications and AlfaCam.

At the launch of the esteemed partnership, the BFA Vice President, Segolame Ramotlhwa said as the association, they greatly value media platforms, as they are critical in moving the commercial value and packaging of football. He added that broadcasting of the first division matches addresses the new strategy of the FA.

“We have taken a deliberate decision to insure that we give value add to our properties and make football a marketing tool for all sectors of the economy. The BFA’s new strategy talks to utilization of all areas to create value and position football as a driver of marketing, we look at making products around social media, website, private radio and importantly spreading our wings with the private television as this will be of fundamental importance in insuring we commercialize the top leagues in this country, premier league and first division. This televised games will also increase the pool from which our national teams can choose from as more players can be viewed from across the land. We are creating a new legacy of football as we go forward this trend of making new partnerships will be a norm,” he said.

Baboneng Film and Entertainment, Kesebonye Seabelo giving Assistant Minister of Trade and investment, Moiseraele Goya. PICTURE CREDIT; Daily News

Speaking during the launch, the Assistant Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Dikgang Makgalemele said the BFA/Baboneng marriage is a culmination of two forces that can forever change the status of football and create employment and continue to emboss the improvement of football. Furthermore, Makgalemele said the power of television as a medium of information dissemination and sport as a unifying factor, universally accepted and enjoyed by all regardless of status, creates a very powerful force to be reckoned with.

“Television as a medium has a way of invading everyone’s life irrespective of status or creed, and when packaged properly, television messages always create a lasting impression. It is a fact that television has been very instrumental in heightening the commercial value of football in the world. This has been achieved through television rights and advertising. Today we have firms here that have the opportunity to enjoy such benefits first from this event of renaissance magnitude,” said Makgalelemele.

“Our own young people are indeed endowed with so much talent. If each one of us does not deliberately chose to scout, foster and develop it, we shall but continue to sing the demise of our own creative potential. I challenge you today to believe, take and make a deliberate effort to invest and make possible the realities of the creativity of our own. Let us all make a contribution toward ensuring that our young people not only benefit from the historic difference and characteristic identity that sets them apart as Batswana, but also ensure that we are partakers of the creation of the future that we need.”

Assistant Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Dikgang Makgalemele

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Moisiraele Goya said Filmmaking or television production is a business and like other businesses answers to the business trajectory of profit and loss.He said the industry alone is an investment and huge contributors to the GDP across the world.He further said sports broadcasting costs a lot of money for production and needs a lot of investment.

“This opportunity will create jobs in this industry as I am informed it will create more than 100 jobs for youth across the country who will be actively involved in the production stage of the games. The proposed ratio of key personnel is 60% Batswana and permanent residents and 40% of other nationals. This will address the biggest challenge of lack of employment in this country. For us at the Ministry, every time an opportunity is availed for job creation. The ministry is burdened with the responsibility of facilitating businesses to set up in Botswana and in the process, create jobs for our people. To achieve diversity and economic development in the local production industry, we must take a deliberate stance to spread work to a diversity of companies while leveraging the benefits of consolidation.”

“The business model presented by Baboneng Film Productions has demonstrated the power of international collaboration and partnerships in content creation for the local audience, ultimately encouraging and facilitating innovative partnerships. The ultimate goal is to increasingly remain open to new business models in which risk and benefits can be shared.”

“This is also an opportunity to promote sport tourism as these games will be broadcast on television beyond the borders of this country. Hence people will be coming to this country to scout for talent as well as witness the talent that is abundant in this country. We take note that already Alfacam SA is a partner in the venture of this magnitude. This clearly shows the potential this platform has presented to other companies beyond our borders.”

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