British Dramatic Feature, ‘White Colour Black’ to debut in Botswana

The multi-award-winning British film, “White Colour Black” has chosen Gaborone, Botswana as its next premiere destination on the African continent this month of May. The star of the film and British actor, Dudley O’Shaughnessy together with the film’s British-Nigerian director, Joseph Adesunloye are expected to jet into the country to launch the film in Gaborone later this month (May 26).

Many Batswana will possibly remember the lead actor, O’Shaugnesssy when he appeared in Rihanna’s “We Found Love” music video. “White Colour Black” chronicles O’Shaugnesssy – Leke’s journey to Senegal to bury his estranged father, after he becomes ill and suddenly dies. Alienated and disoriented from the country of his childhood, the story ultimately puts Leke on a path of self-discovery and cultural transformation.

The upcoming film premiere is aptly organized by Donald Molosi Entertainment (DME) – an international production company founded by Botswana-born and Hollywood actor cum writer, Donald Molosi. Molosi says of the premiere, “We at DME are excited to share this film with Botswana, especially through an event of this unique nature. I would definitely advise people to get their tickets early because they are going fast and they don’t want to miss out on this Hollywood moment.”

Molosi added that the British film “White Colour Black” follows the story of Leke – a young successful photographer living a hedonistic lifestyle in London who has been estranged from his father for many years and as such has not returned to Senegal since his childhood. He added that when Leke’s father becomes ill, the star is forced to make the journey back home to bury his father and to rediscover a culture he has long forgotten.

“It is a celebration of the human spirit and also of the beauty of African customs. White Colour Black is the official selection for the 60th BFI London Film Festival, setting it apart in writing, acting and cinematography from thousands of films submitted to the British Film Institute from around the world. Within months of its release, White Colour Black has already been nominated for numerous awards worldwide including ‘Best Screenplay 2017’ and ‘Best Newcomer 2017’ at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). The film won ‘Best Narrative Feature’ at the Baltimore International Black Film Festival; ‘Best International Feature’ at the British Independent Film Awards; and it recently won the ‘2018 Oscar Micheaux Award’ for Directing.”

Meanwhile, the film’s director Joseph a. Adesunloye says of White Colour Black, “When I started to plan this film, I wanted to explore the idea of looking at the story of going back through the lens of someone being away for so long and the sense of alienation and disorientation that comes with that when one finally returns. With White Colour Black telling the story of someone with two cultures was very important to me.”

Furthermore, Molosi, the founder of DME, the organizing company said, “The film shows some of the realities of people who belong in two cultures. It poses the question of whether we can ever feel like we have returned home once we have ever left home. That is where the film’s heartbeat is, in showing what it is like to be a returnee to the African continent. It is the finest film I have seen in a very long time.”

He added that “White Colour Black” was filmed in London and Senegal with some of the most breathtaking scenes being filmed in the middle of Senegal’s picturesque Lac Rose (Pink Lake). The film’s star, Dudley O’Shaughnessy shot to international attention after he starred in Rihanna’s 2011 global smash “We Found Love”. Tickets for the May 26 Gaborone film premiere are sold at Westwood School for P500 including food and wine tasting as well as music by The Unseen DJ.

Broadway actor, Donald Molosi

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