Zakes Bantwini and Jujuboy open the 2018 Mascom Live Sessions

The popular and customary Mascom Live Sessions get underway this Friday (April 27th) at Botswana Craft where South Africa’s Zakes Bantwini (36) is expected to set the house on fire with his immaculate dance moves and soothing voice alongside Botswana’s very own Jujuboy of ‘Motho obolaa motho’ fame. Being the first show to kick off the year 2018 Mascom Live Sessions series, the anticipated night of dance will as usual take place at Gaborone’s Botswana Craft along the Western-by-Pass.

In an exclusive interview with #BotswanaUnplugged this week, Zakes Bantwini could not hide his excitement about coming back to Botswana once more after almost five years of a dry spell regarding Botswana gigs. The last time Bantwini performed in Botswana was a few years ago where he serenaded both Francistown and Gaborone massive respectively courtesy of veteran promoter, Bannye Sesupo alias Easy B of Monate Fela promotions.

Bantwini said coming to Botswana this weekend will also accord him an opportunity to update and engage his fans regarding his new music. “I am excited to be back in Botswana. Batswana love good music. They got the energy and it always amazes me when I perform in Botswana. They have previously shown me how much they really appreciate my craft. I am fully aware of the showbiz scene in Botswana and it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I’m so looking forward to entertaining my fans and cultivating a new fan base.”

Zakes Bantwini

Bantwini added that he will have his band on tow and give revellers a proper live taste of his banging album ‘Bang Bang’ which has stayed on high rotation in radio and TV stations both at home and internationally. “Our performance is going to be amazing. I always surprise myself with the level of high energy we possess on stage. We’ve been rehearsing for a while now and it will be the first time we do the tricks we’ve been practicing in front of our fans. It’s going to be a live movie on stage. People should come and see house music live. I love Batswana and we always have a good time together and we truly are looking forward to Friday,” said Bantwini.

Even though Bantwini has not yet crossed paths with Jujuboy – the featured Botswana act, he was confident that the local cat surely has talent. He said organisers of any show cleverly select performers based on their respective talents and as thus he thanks Jujuboy to be a part of his welcome back gig in Botswana.

“I haven’t been lucky to meet or know his music. I don’t know his sound but I believe the mere fact that he’s going to be on stage with me then he is good. For you to share the stage with me you have to bring your A-game to the fore. I am open to listen to his music; as artists we vibe whenever we are together and who knows we might vibe together on studio too. Good luck to him for coming through to participate in my life through my first ever Mascom Live Sessions gig.”

Amantle Brown and Jujuboy are having good times of their music career. Seen here with the latest offering Follo at Summer shutdown Jamboree

Furthermore, Bantwini added, “Music speaks for itself and one can’t really say they don’t want collaborations. I do music every day with different sounds. It will be good to collaborate with a Botswana artist but it has to be organic. I don’t want to force things. I travel with my studio every time and I have contacts there too,” he concluded.

For his part, Jujuboy said he’s also excited to share the coveted stage with the talented Zakes Bantwini adding that despite them having not connected before, music being a universal language has finally made their paths to cross. “This will be a warm up of my new project to my fans. I have an album coming up this year and throughout the year I will be releasing singles. We have already done one this year and it’s receiving massive love from all radio stations. I will also bring a live band as we have been busy rehearsing like professionals.”

Jujuboy said the looming Friday performance will not be a competition but rather some exclusive and inspired concert for their fans. “This is definitely a show not to be missed. Zakes Bantwini is sheer talent and so is myself. Besides our new music people can also expect to hear our all-time favourite classics,” he concluded.

Jujuboy and Amantle Brown

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