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It seems Ayanda Modisane was always destined for stardom. Despite her shy nature, the gorgeous and vivacious beauty with a penchant to soar temperatures in her IG page courtesy of her sassy and sultry photos continues to attract attention. It’s Yaya’s beauty that will first catch your eye. Love or hate her but you will definitely not ignore her.

Despite her name having surfaced willy-nilly when Nigerian superstar, Davido graced our shores last year courtesy of the St. Louis Fresh Fest, where social media went on a rage alleging Yaya was part of the superstar’s groupies, she has since slammed such claims adding that in actual fact it was the singer who chased her.

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

Affectionately known as Yaya Diamond, the 22-year-old model, Social Media Lifestyle Influencer and TV Host at Pula Power can hardly stop talking, ranting about everything from the early stages of her TV career, entrepreneurship as well as giving us a glimpse into last year’s Davido ‘stocko’ saga which threatened to soil her brand locally.

“Yaya Diamond is my alter ego. I’m a risk taker, very honest and bold but I can be bossy too just to ward off unwanted naggings. I’m also compassionate and inspire many as my brand is the epitome of being yourself. I was born in Gaborone but originally I hail from Gabane. I have a loving mother as my rock and the most amazing but annoying little brother as my protector. We are all really close and to me it is very important for children to be open with their parents, that’s one thing I am grateful for because you never know what battles your children are fighting alone,” says Yaya as we caught up with her this week.

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

Narrating her stimulating story, Yaya counts South African media personality, Bonang Matheba as her childhood role model who truly inspired her career and imminent rise to television. As she continues to light up our TV screens every week courtesy of her beaming smile, the Pula Power presenter says the world is her oyster as she yearns to soar to greater heights in front of cameras.

“I always look up to Bonang Matheba’s journey and get inspired. She started presenting at a very tender age and look at her now. I equally think I’m very talented so presenting was definitely on my list and thanks to Pula Power for giving me the coveted platform to elevate my passion even further. I won’t stop at anything until I conquer the world by becoming a TV superstar,” adds Yaya.

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

While many continue to associate the rise of the female brigade in the showbiz industry to unprintable, Yaya says there’s nothing to fear as the local scene is relatively less cutthroat as often portrayed. In her own words, a lot of personalities are talented but often lack platforms where they could showcase their talents and shine.

“The industry is cutthroat elsewhere, yes but not here at home. We have so many talented people in this country but because there aren’t enough platforms for them to spread their wings, it really makes it tough. I do admire those who make social media their stage and produce their own content. I just wish our local broadcast mediums will harmoniously work with creatives to produce the best content and air it because honestly it’s been the same thing over and over for 10 years. I urge them to give us slots and watch us make some magic, and if not I’m launching YayaTV very soon,” explains Yaya.

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

Quizzed about how she has easily managed to land her first TV presenting gig with ease co-hosting alongside the 10-year-old experienced media personality, DJ Izzy of Yarona FM fame, Ayanda says they have known each other for more than six years, which makes working together a walk in the park.

“I’ve known (Tshepang Motsisi) for over 6 years now and I’m very proud of his successes and much honored to work with him. Shooting with him is always a breeze and he always hypes me up to do the ultimate best I can. You know how people can see more than you see in yourself? He is one of those people,” says Yaya.

Just like any other TV gig, Yaya says she went through the rigorous audition process before emerging tops and landing the coveted Pula Power gig. While fame is often perceived as all that glitters, last year Yaya learnt the hard way when her name got dragged in the mud when allegations surfaced that she was part of the groupies hired to ‘take care’ of Davido – something which she has vehemently denied.

In her defense, Yaya claims that she did not even attend the Davido show but only got to see the Nigerian superstar at Cigar Lounge – a posh night club in the plushy suburb of Phakalane.

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

“I was truly taken aback by the social media trolls who went on a rampage that weekend all the way into the week. I only had to be strong, this is what comes with being on TV I thought. For starters I didn’t even attend the event Davido was performing at. I only went to Cigar Lounge where he happened to have gone after the event. As my best friend and I walked into the VIP which was already full, heads turned including Davido’s and he immediately instructed one of his body guards to come and get me.

I asked the bodyguard why he doesn’t come here himself and say hi. The guard then gave me that crazy and confused look, I think largely due to the fact that they’re used to girls throwing themselves at Davido and his crew. I stood my ground and the bouncer said to me D says he’ll drop all the girls he’s with now for you and I just laughed out loud telling him to his face I wasn’t interested,” says Yaya explaining that 15 minutes had not even passed by when a bottle of Moët came to her table from Davido.

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

“Mind you our bottle was almost finished and I was hesitant to drink it but my best friend insisted we go ahead. Just before we left to go home, we walked up to Davido to say thank you for the drink as well as express our love for his music. I complimented him on his diamond encrusted Patek Philippe – one of my favorite time pieces and he noticed I had on a Blue Dial Rolex. He complimented me for rocking a Rolex and drinking Ace of Spades. Our conversation ended when his hit song ‘FIA’ dropped and the club went ballistic.

That’s when my best friend and I exited the building and drove straight home. I hear two ladies actually had a misunderstanding over the superstar and one allegedly got lucky that night.” “This issue really woke me up because I’m a very nice person and when you commit to building your own brand, people out there will recognize your shine and would do anything to shade it. So to all the young girls that look up to me and want to be something in life, be in the right places and surround yourself with the right people, you never know who envies your shine.”

Yaya Diamond. PICTURE CREDIT: Supplied

An avid traveler, Yaya says traveling opens her window of opportunities to learn how far the world has transformed as well as learning new ways. “It’s simple, you travel more to learn more. My goal was to tackle Africa first but life decided to take me abroad too, and I am not complaining. I have been to South Korea, Qatar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia among others. Most of my travels are business related. Once I’m there I make sure Yaya Diamond features by making travel Vlogs for my followers to view.”

Apart from TV, Yaya is also a budding entrepreneur and her focus is to conquer the world. “I own a small tuck shop which has been divided into five – creative director of Print Swim, which is an African Print swimwear line, I’m also a Director in Bretton Markets which is all about trading stocks, I have a hairline called Envy Luxury Hair which sells raw luxury wigs and weaves and I’m also a Managing Director at Aunty Pablo’s which deals with industrial cleaning chemicals. Don’t forget YayaTV too! It’s coming but it will be called LimitlessTV. I’m building an empire here and Botswana is my platinum mine.”

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